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About us

Promise IBC is an international team of highly motivated individuals with a diverse background. We are dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for global clients.

Our Values

  • Our consulting approach is solution-focused, multidisciplinary, and systemic.
  • Making companies more effective, resilient and overall successful is our goal. But we will always strive for solutions that guarantee long-term sustainability.
  • Developing new strategies and implementing new technologies is a co-creative effort that should involve all stakeholders.
  • We believe that extensive theoretical and academic know-how is quintessential when evaluating future trends and developments. Simultaneously, practical, hands-on experience is vital for successfully implementing them in real-life environments.

Our History

Promise IBC was founded in 2011 as a consulting enterprise by two Austrian managers while working as expats in the beautiful historic town of Prešov in Eastern Slovakia. Since its incorporation, the company has expanded its business to other European countries like the traditional D-A-CH markets Austria, Germany, and Switzerland as well as Croatia, Serbia, and the Ukraine. Currently, our main focus is on consulting projects for US-based companies.

Old Town of Prešov, Slovakia


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