“I am the catalyst that rapidly turns ideas into reality.”

Julian Stiber – Senior UX Consultant

Julian is passionate about well designed products and services that provide the best value and experience to customers. He brings 10 years of experience as Senior Consultant – hereby focusing on the effective management of customer experiences, by making sure the teams work hand in hand within productive organizations and processes. As a studied business engineer (B.Sc.) he understands as well the business side and interdisciplinary team work, as well as customer expectations and requirements for state-of-the-art UX. Through his many years of work in the development of exciting and innovative new automotive products and services (e.g. for various German premium car OEM’s), he knows how to “bring the user to the decision table” and ensure their voice within the organization. He has been with Promise IBC since the beginning of 2021 and applies his skills to turn feedback and improvements ideas into understandable visualizations for the development team. He is an energetic and communicative team player, who enjoys a traveling and sustainable lifestyle, while creating products for a better and exciting future.