“I’m passionate about bridging gaps and proactively aligning experts, executives, and technicians to help everyone realize extraordinary outcomes.”

Matthew Cochran – Senior Consultant

Matt is an experienced software architect and product development leader specializing in establishing efficient and effective practices and aligning business, customers, and technology. Being a player-coach team leader with technical expertise for over 25 years in various roles, including as a CTO, he has a deep understanding that software manufacturing is an inherently human activity. Matt has led product innovation work across diverse domains, including marketing, digital forensics, life sciences, finance, e-commerce, and the arts. He specializes in building and growing brilliant teams, aligning and leading transformational change, and designing and constructing agile systems while facilitating agile businesses. Matt is also a musician and composer, crystallizing his approach to building and coaching effective teams where members play their strengths while tightly coordinating to produce harmonious, unified, and powerful contributions, helping customers while advancing businesses.