“My team calls me ‘the people person’.”

Anja Kossik – Founder/CEO

Anja is an experienced business consultant and certified systemic business coach specialized in organizational development and transformation management. Being an entrepreneur for more than 25 years, she knows the “ins and outs” of successfully running a business. Anja is passionate about developing organizations that are not only more adaptable, resilient, and effective when confronted with a challenging economic environment, but great places to work. In her consulting work with leaders, managers, and teams she specialized on companies in the SME sector. Her academic career – Anja holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and in Systemic Coaching as well as a PhD in Organizational Development – is focused on the impact of business ethics and social sustainability on mental health in the workplace environment. She is also a book author and editor writing for various business journals on global economic development, sustainability, and human-focused leadership.